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Come on a Tour of our Facility
Viking Theatre Department
Viking Stage
Upon entering the Viking Drama area of Viking School, you enter a narrow hallway where large pictures of the Club's first productions hang. Models of set designs and other memorabilia decorate the walls.

As we continue to the west,
the room opens into...

The Shop
Here we build our scenery and have tech theatre class. The tables in the foreground are where we have our production meetings and club meetings.

As we walk to the west,
the first door on our right is...
The Theatre Office.
In the office is our computer lab. In the lab we layout programs, use CAD programs to draw scenery, and store all records and business dealing related
to the Club and its productions. You can also see the drafting table where much of the scenery design process takes place. Mr. Neal admits to an inability to depend on the CAD programs to do all the work. "Sometimes pencil and paper are actually simpler".

After the office door in the shop, we come to the door to the costume storage area and script library.

Costumes Storage and Library
This area as you can see is in constant use. Shelves are filled with scripts for scene and monologue use. Behind the shelves and extending the length of the shop is the costume storage area.

Re-enteering the shop area and moving a step further west, the next door is...
The Dimmer Room.
The dimmers are located in a room by themselves to protect them from dust, etc. We have a variety of dimmers collected over the years. We now have 72-2.4K dimmers with room for 24 more in the future

After the dimmer room door in the shop, we come to tool storage area.

Tool Storage Area
This area is home for all the tools. We have cordless drills which are our major contruction tool. We also have pneumatic nailers, staplers and brad tackers. Many hand tools are housed on the walls while measuring tools and socket wrenches are house in a rolling tool bench.

Re-enteering the shop area and moving a step further west, the next door is...
The Paint Storage Area
Many sizes of paint brushes, paint sprayers, sponges, and texturing tools are stored here. The room also has a sink with running water.

After the paint room in the shop, we come to the wall to the outside. We'll take a short walk across the shop and stand at the railing and look down.

View from Shop Level to Stage
The shop and storage areas are located on a mezzanine level above the stage. Next we'll look out from the mezzanine level across the stage into the cafeteria. The doors to the costume storage are behind us as we look down.

As we look into the lunchroom beyond the stage, we can see the door to the ticket office on the far left. This door also provides access to The Booth
Sound Booth
A 24 channel mixer dominates this space which overlooks the cafeteria. Various sound production devices, i.e. minidisc players, CD players, tape players as well as control for body microphones are all controlled here.

Lighting Booth
In the lighting section of the booth is our ETC Express 48/96 control board. This computerized board along with two I-cue smart mirror lighting instruments provides a professional look for our productions.
All the positions in the booth, on the stage, ticket office, shop and office are connected by a clear-com intercom system.

That's it! You now have the flavor of our place. As many things as we have to help our work, it all comes down to the amount of dedication and commitment provided by our drama students. We have been blessed with many talented and giving young adolescents over the years. Only time will tell what the future holds.

-J. Neal