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Past Shows
All Done by Viking School, Gurnee, Illinois
Listed shows through Bye, Bye, Birdie, directed and designed by James Neal.
Shows after 2000, the directors are as indicated.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat-1997

One Act Plays
Dates for some shows escape memory, help requested.

The Ugly Duckling, Milne (B) 1973
The Ghost Story, Tarkington (B) Fall 1975
The Post Office, Tagore () Summer 1975
Goldielocks Strikes Again (P) Fall 1980
Everyman (C) Fall 1981
Shakespeare's Dream (P) Fall 1988
Castaways on Polywolynesia (P) Fall 1988
Too Many Mummies (P) Fall 1988
Curse of Demon Creek, Murray (P)
Crime at the Cedars 1987
Wings, Barnes (B) 1987
Inside/Out, Scanlan (B) 1986
Ming Lee and the Magic Tree
Charlie's Aunt, Edited (P)
Two Small Fries to Go, Bass (B) Contest 1988-89
The Dear Departed, Houghton (SF)
Not Tonight 1985
Rural Nightmare, Rudolph (B) 1985
Trysting Place, Booth Tarkington (B) 1984
Mechanical's Play from Midsummer Night's Dream, 1984
The Gossip, Knapp (B) 1985
The Shelter, Serling
Last Stop (P)
While Shakespeare Slept (B)
The Shakespeare's (P)
The Patchwork Quilt
The Sinking of the Morning Star/ 1985
The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street
Sorry, Wrong Number, Fletcher
Wolf, Wolf, Wolf (P)
Good-bye to the Clown, Kinoy (B) 1983
Outside the Door, Jacob (B)
Us and Them, Campton (D) 1987
Storm in the Dorm, Drake (B) 1987
The Neighbors, Gale (B)
Once Upon a Playground, Frakes (B)
The Man in the Bowler Hat, Milne (SF) 1987
Murder at Mother Goose's Place (P)
"N" is for Nuisance (P)
The Magic Carpet Sweeper
The Boor, Chekov
The Ring and the Look, Pyle (B)
The Pilgrim Painting, Rawls (P)
The Boyard's Bride
The Devil and Daniel Webster, Benet
Second Best Bed, Kelly (DPS)
Badlands Ballyhoo, Murray (P)
The Saga of John Trueheart, Olfson (P)
The Strange and Wonderful Object (P)
The Comeback Caper, (P)
Sky's the Limit (P)
Hotline to Destruction (P)
Three Fables from a Broken Fortune Cookie (P)
Anyone Could, But... , Cerlson
It's Your Move, Nolan (P)
Trouble in Dental City, Plescia (P)
Farewell Forsaken Corners, Malkind (P) Fall 1981
A Mother's Burden, Robinson (P) Fall 1982
Long Live Christmas, Benson (P) December 1988
Wolf the Door, Schaaf (P) Spring 1989
Nellie's Fishy Fate, Cadette (P) Spring 1989
Don't Pet My Rock, Murray (P) Spring 1989
The Frog Who Wouldn't Be Kissed, Nolan (P) Fall 1981
Wiley and the Hairy Man (DP) VSTE/1993
Us and Them, Campton (DP) VSTE/1994
Ming Lee and the Magic Tree (B) VSTE/1995
This Is a Test (DP) VSTE/1996
The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street VSTE/1997
Once Upon A Shoe (DP) VSTE/1998
Lion nad Mouse Tales (DP) VSTE/1999
Spoon River Anthology(SF) VSTE/2000
Wiley and the Hairy Man (DP) VSTE/2001
This Is a Test (DP) VSTE/2002
Something's Rotten In The State of Denmark (B)(Economus) VSTE/2004
Ming Lee and the Magic Tree (B)(Neal) VSTE/2005
The Gift (DP)(Manning) Spring 2006
Wiley and the Hairy Man (DP) (Neal) VSTE/2006

Full Length Plays
and Musicals

Sight Unseen, Foster and Law (SF) Spring, 1974
A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, Fuller (B) Spring, 1975
Curtain Going Up, Johnston (SF) Spring, 1976
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, Loesser and Burrows (MTI) Spring, 1978
The Emperor's New Clothes, Chorepenning (SF) Spring, 1979
The Dreams of Jimmy James, Holmberg (B) Spring, 1984
Sleeping Beauty or The Famous Rose Taboo, Fried and Sachs (D) Spring, 1985
Androcles and the Lion, Barton and Bond (PDS) Spring, 1986
Wanna Play?, Young (B) Spring, 1987
Gaslight Girl, Jakes and Strauch (D) Spring, 1988
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Rael and Valenti (SF) Spring, 1989
Annie (MTI) Spring, 1990
You're A Good Man Charlie Brown (MTI) Spring, 1991
Wizard of Oz (MTI) Spring, 1992
Free To Be . . .You and Me (R&H) Spring, 1993
Peter Pan (SF) Spring,1994
Mirth and Mayhem (Bakers)First Fall Show,1994
Once On This Island (MTI) Spring,1995
Crying Out (Bakers) First Travleing Show, Fall,1995
Annie Warbucks (MTI) Spring,1996
Our Town (Samuel French) Fall, 1996
Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (MTI) Spring, 1997
Sight Unseen at GGS(SF) Fall, 1997
School House Rock, Live! at GGS(MTI) Spring, 1998
The Hobbit (Bakers) Fall, 1998
Godspell (Theatre Maximus) Spring, 1999
The 1940's Radio Hour (SF) Fall, 1999
Bye Bye Birdie (TW) Spring, 2000
A Christmas Carol (Bakers) Fall, 2000, Mr. Eric Langmeyer, Director
Pippin (MTI) Spring, 2001, Mr. James Neal, Director
Fame (Bakers) Fall, 2001, Ms. Darthea Powden, Director
Give My Regards to Broadway (PDS) Spring, 2002, Ms. Darthea Powden, Director
The Little Prince (D) Fall, 2002, Mrs. Melissa Oestreich, Director
HONK! A Swan Song (MTI) Spring, 2003, Final Show, Mr. James Neal, Director
The Ubu Plays (DPS) Fall, 2003, Mr. Jason Economus, Director
Big! The Musical (MTI), Spring, 2004, Mr. Jason Economus, Director
Children of Eden (MTI), Fall, 2004, Mr. Jason Economus, Director
Fools(SF), Spring, 2005, Mr. Jason Economus, Director
The Wiz(SF), Fall, 2005, Ms. Clare Manning, Director
Beauty and the Beast (MTI), Fall, 2006, Ms. Karen Pionke, Director
Cheaper by the Dozen () (Pionke) Spring, 2007, Ms. Karen Pionke, Director